Project ECHO

Office of Statewide Initiatives

Dr. Klass and Project Echo

What Is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO is an innovative health care delivery solution pioneered in New Mexico by Dr. Sanjeev Arora and replicated in Washington, urban Chicago, and now Nevada. ECHO is a simple telehealth linkage connecting university-based faculty specialists to primary care providers in rural and underserved areas to extend specialty care to patients with chronic, costly and complex medical illnesses.

How Will Project ECHO Benefit Nevada?

The goal of Project ECHO Nevada is to meet the needs of primary care providers by offering an alternative to costly travel and long waits for patients who need specialty care. By developing the knowledge base of primary care providers through the innovative telehealth consultations offered by Project ECHO, patients in rural and underserved areas benefit from the specialty care available without the cost and time of accessing specialists directly.

The Nevada replication will begin with clinics in the areas of Diabetes, Antibiotic Stewardship, Chronic Pain, Hepatitis-C, and Treatment of Depression and Suicide Prevention. Through a series of community meetings with primary care providers the Nevada ECHO Team assessed the current top priority disease states in 11 communities, the Nevada Health Centers system of Federally Qualified Health Centers, and the tribal health clinics.

Who Can Participate In Project ECHO?

Project ECHO clinics are open to primary care providers at all levels and include CME/CE for participants.

University-based faculty specialists and community specialists are being recruited to lead clinics in a variety of disease states.

Via the NSHE telecommunications backbone, connectivity to Project ECHO Nevada will be available to any community and provider desiring to participate.