Undergraduate Sequence

Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology: Reno

Students pursing a bachelor's degree in speech pathology and audiology will need to complete a departmental sequence of speech pathology and audiology undergraduate courses. These courses must be taken in a specified sequence. Some courses are required courses and others are optional. Some courses are only offered once each year and other courses are offered more often. During the freshman year, undergraduate students enroll in courses to fulfill core curriculum requirements. Undergraduate students must complete one class in sign language (i.e., AM 145); however, three more classes in this sequence are offered (i.e., AM 146, AM 147, and AM 148). Undergraduate students will begin taking departmental courses in their sophomore year. For a student to complete this sequence of course work in four years, the course sequence is as follows.

See Undergraduate Courses for a complete listing and description of these courses.

Undergraduate Sequence of Courses
  Fall Semester†Spring Semester†Summer Session

* These courses are optional courses offered in the department but not required for graduation.
^ These courses are offered more than once each year.
† UNR Core Curriculum Courses are in addition to the SPA courses listed here

Freshman AM 145 AM 146* AM 147*
Sophomore AM 147* AM 148* AM 148*
  SPA 301^ SPA 301^  
  SPA 320 SPA 330  
  SPA 340^ SPA 340^  
Junior SPA 345^ SPA 345^ SPA 345^
  SPA 362 SPA 364 SPA 464*
    SPA 365  
Senior SPA 400 SPA 370  
  SPA 464* SPA 421  
  SPA 466 SPA 464*  
  SPA 491* SPA 467  
    SPA 491*