Graduate Courses

Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology: Reno

SPA 660/661 Phonology 1 or 2 credits

  • Application of normal psycholinguistic processes to the study of speech and language disorders.

SPA 663 Internship in Speech Pathology and Audiology 2 to 8 credits

  • Clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of children and adults with speech, language, or hearing disorders. Experience to be gained at off-campus clinic sites.

SPA 664 Advanced Audiological Testing 1 or 2 credits

  • Supervised clinical procedures in descriptive and diagnostic hearing examinations.

SPA 667 Language Assessment and Intervention 3 credits

  • Assessment and intervention of communication and language disorders in infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.

SPA 720 Research Design and Data Analysis 3 credits

  • Research design and methods in communicative disorders.

SPA 721 Craniofacial Disorders 3 credits

  • Causes and treatment of communicative disorders related to cleft lip and palate. An interdisciplinary approach is stressed.

SPA 723 Language Theory 3 credits

  • Nature of language and childhood language disorders with emphasis on specific language impairment and current research in childhood language acquisition.

SPA 751 Dysphasia 3 Credits

  • This course examines communication disorders associated with acquired neurogenic impairments. Specific disorders that will be addressed are aphasia, right hemisphere disorder, traumatic brain injury/closed head injury, and dementia.

SPA 752 F1uency Disorders 3 credits

  • Disorders of speech rhythm and fluency. Emphasis on etiology, diagnosis and methods of treatment in children and adults.

SPA 753 Motor Speech 3 Credits

  • This course is designed to promote effective and efficient diagnosis, treatment and management of the dysarthrias and acquired and developmental verbal apraxia.

SPA 754 Seminar in Alaryngeal Speech 2 credits

  • Principles and procedures in alaryngeal speech rehabilitation, including the artificial larynx, esophageal speech, and tracheo-esophageal speech.

SPA 755 Medical Speech Language Pathology 3 Credits

  • This course is designed to address the breadth of medical Speech Pathology including diagnosis and treatment of swallow disorders and use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for patients with severe expressive language and speech deficits due to developmental and/or acquired disabilities.

SPA 757 Experimental Phonetics 3 credits

  • Acoustic characteristics of speech production/reception and instrumentation for speech analysis.

SPA 759 Seminar in Clinical Procedures 2 credits

  • Advanced study and clinical experience in specialized areas of the field.

SPA 762 Disorders of Voice 3 credits

  • Causes, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the voice.

SPA 767 Advanced Practicum 2 credits

  • Supervised clinical experience in the treatment and management of children and adults with multiple communicative disorders.

SPA 791 EXP Classroom/Clinical Teaching 3 -6 credits

  • Classroom and clinical teaching experience for Doctorate level students.

SPA 795 Comprehensive Examination 1 to 3 credits

  • Course is used by graduate program to administer comprehensive examinations either as end of program comprehensive examinations or as qualifying examinations for doctoral candidates prior to being advanced to candidacy. Credits determined by each individual program.

SPA Workshops and Institutes 1 to 3 credits

  • Intensive study of special topics in speech pathology or Audiology. Usually offered during Summer Session.