Program Data

Program Data from 2011-2013

Doctoral Degree Program

Five full-time students were enrolled in the doctoral program. Three completed the degree and two continue in the program. This reflects a 100% retention rate.

Master’s Degree Program

Master’s Degree Program Graduation, Praxis, and Employement Rate
YearGraduation RatePraxis Pass RateEmployment Rate
2011 19 (90%) 19 (100%) 19 (100%)
2012 24 (100%) 24 (100%) 24 (100%)
2013 25 (100%) 25 (100%) 25 (100%)

Faculty Research

In the past four years, the faculty have published 11 refereed articles in scholarly journals and presented 19 refereed research papers.

Graduate Student Research

Graduate students have generated 8 theses/dissertations; seven of which have resulted in refereed publications and/or presentations.

Claude I. Howard Speech and Hearing Clinic

The clinic generates approximately 3,000 client visits per year. The Department also houses the Northern Nevada Cleft Palate Clinic and UCAN the multidisciplinary Autism Assessment Team. An AAC lab has received grant funding for updated software and hardware. Software purchases include: Board Maker, Wright Out Loud, Writing with Symbols and eight Dyno-Vox systems. Two pediatric diagnostic rooms have been equipped with digital recording capabilities which will enhance the evaluation process, facilitate student learning and provide for student and faculty presentations and research.