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The Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) for Smooth Muscle Plasticity was established in 2003 at the University of Nevada, Reno, to foster research in the field of smooth muscle biology and to develop the careers of several highly promising new investigators. This COBRE has a strong thematic focus in the field of smooth muscle biology. Mature smooth muscle cells are unique among muscle cell lineages, because they can change phenotype in response to a variety of stimuli. This ability to conform to changing stimuli or microenvironments is referred to as plasticity. Many patho-physiological conditions include or result from phenotypic changes in smooth muscle tissues, but the cause and consequences of remodeling and hypertrophy are not well understood. The COBRE program consists of five projects that investigate various aspects of smooth muscle plasticity.

Pilot Grants

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Pilot Grants for Smooth Muscle Plasticity
ProjectTitleProject Leader
1 Correlation between structural and motor defects in diabetic gastroparesis Grant Hennig, Ph.D.
2 Phospholamban and CaM kinase II in stomach smooth muscle plasticity Brian Perrino, Ph.D.
3 S100A4 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Remodeling Hiroto Miura, M.D., Ph.D.
4 Smooth muscle hypertrophy regulated by microRNAs and their target genes Seungil Ro, Ph.D.
5 Stretch dependent potassium channel regulation in overactive bladder Sang Don Koh, M.D., Ph.D.

These projects are supported by 4 Core facilities, including:

Several new technologies are provided to the COBRE investigators through these core facilities. The Administrative and faculty development core supports a highly qualified group of faculty mentors. The mentors comprise an Internal Faculty Development Committee (IFDC) which sets goals, evaluates progress, and assists the Project leaders in the central goal of helping them to develop independent funding. An extensive faculty development program has been implemented. The COBRE is led by Dr. Kenton Sanders and Dr. Christine Cremo as principal and Co-Principal Investigator, respectively. This COBRE has strong institutional support from UNR.