Wellness Program

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To inspire each medical student to make long-term, permanent changes to their health.


It is the mission of the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) Wellness Program to improve the health and wellness behaviors of medical students by increasing their awareness, appreciation and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The program is designed to teach the importance of finding balance between the academic, financial, psychological, physical, spiritual, and social aspects of their lives.

It is also the mission of the program to provide skills for students to teach the values of wellness to patients throughout their careers. Health education opportunities will be provided to each student through wellness events, programming, social media and marketing. The Wellness Program will accomplish its mission by using evidence-based strategies and approaches that are student based and consistent with the UNSOM mission.


UNSOM Student Wellness Committee's Current Activities/Events:

  • Monthly Wellness Events
  • Nergy Program
  • Wellness Workshops
    • Avoiding Burnout, Dealing with Depression
    • Stress Management Techniques
    • Test Anxiety
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Coping Skills
  • Wellness Activities throughout the Year:
    • Foosball tournament
    • Fun runs
    • Yoga
  • Debt Management Ice Cream Social
  • Staying Healthy in the Clinical Environment OSHA
  • UNSOM Talent Show
  • Preparing for Step 1 Panel
  • and many more!