BS-MD Accelerated Program

Early Admissions for Nevada High School Seniors

This program offers a seven year accelerated pathway to medical school for a small number of motivated, mature high school seniors who are serious and focused on a career in medicine. The twelve students accepted into this program will complete the first three years of the required undergraduate curriculum at either the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) or the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), then enter the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Application for the 2015 entering class opens December 15, 2014

A note about application communication: the BS-MD Program is a professional preparation program. As such, we would like to insist that the student applicant be present for all communication regarding their application.

How Are Students Selected?

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Combined Math/Critical Reading sections* score of 1270 or greater on the SAT, or combined ACT score of 29 or greater;
  • Placement in the top 10% of their graduating high school class, or an un-weighted GPA of 3.7;
  • US Citizenship or permanent resident of the US and Nevada residency; Non-US citizens must have a permanent resident visa and Nevada residency;
  • Attend a Nevada high school for a minimum of two years and graduate from a Nevada high school;
  • Applied for admission to UNLV or UNR as a freshman by February 25
  • Healthcare experience (hospital volunteerism, physician shadowing, etc.).

*The program does not use the writing section score to qualify students for consideration for the BS MD program. Only the scores in critical reading and math are used.

Other Criteria To Be Evaluated:

  • Extracurricular Activities (ex. athletics, music, clubs, community service, etc.)
  • Demonstrated Leadership and Maturity (ex. community, school, or other activities)
  • Healthcare Experiences
  • Work Experience
FAQ for students with a GED:

It is very common around the country for a GED to meet a requirement for admission to a university or college, but not for a major or specific program which has additional criteria like high school GPA, specific coursework, SAT or ACT test scores. The GED is a specific type of high school diploma, but the exam for the awarding of the GED is not a test for college-readiness. The BS MD program is an accelerated program and students must be ready to begin calculus and other college level courses. Applicants to the BS MD program must provide a complete high school transcript as part of the application process.

Campus-Specific Information for Current & Prospective Students:

Undergraduate Majors and course sequencing options vary by campus and may require college coursework to be completed the summer before the start of the BSMD program.  Please review the choices and requirements for your preferred undergraduate campus to help you plan for your BSMD program.

Information for UNR's BS-MD students

Information for UNLV's BS-MD students

How Do I Apply?

The BS-MD Online Application will be available December 15 thru February 25. All application material must be received by the closing date for consideration.

Selection Process Timeline

  • Application: Open from December 15 - February 25 each year
  • Interviews: Interviews will scheduled February 6 through March 30
  • Selection Committee: The Committee will meet the first week of April
  • Student Notification: All decisions will be sent out by April 15
  • Deadline for Acceptance: All students who are selected for the program, must accept their space in writing no later than April 30.

The BS-MD Selection Committee will select students from applicants who apply using the online supplemental application process. At the time of admission to the BS-MD program, students receive a provisional acceptance to the University of Nevada School of Medicine. All students are required to successfully complete all the undergraduate requirements.

Questions/Updated Information: e-mail us at

BS-MD Accelerated Early Admissions Program Students

Las Vegas Class of 2017 BS MD cohort at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas