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University of Nevada School of Medicine Dean Thomas L. Schwenk, MD, talks with Brent Boynton about expanding medical education statewide on KNPB-Public Television Reno's "A Conversation."

The University of Nevada School of Medicine has announced two strategic partnerships, encompassing both northern and southern Nevada, which together will dramatically increase the number of physicians who train and stay in Nevada.  Pending presentation to the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, these wide-ranging plans with Renown Health in Reno and MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas include expansion of the School of Medicine to a full four-year campus in Reno and new residency (graduate medical education) programs statewide. In Reno, new School of Medicine-Renown joint leadership positions in pediatrics and neurology will enhance capacity for specialized care for children and adults.  Equally importantly, community physicians will support full clinical teaching for third- and fourth-year medical students in all specialties.  In Las Vegas, MountainView Hospital has committed to becoming a partner in developing new residency and fellowship training programs that significantly will address Nevada's critical need for physicians in both primary and specialty care areas.

Dean Thomas Schwenk discusses statewide medical education expansion on KUNR-Reno Public Radio's Health Watch.

Dean Schwenk answered a 'Q and A' for Synapse Magazine in April, 2014.

Renown Hospital

Renown Health

An eight-month planning process involving leaders from the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Renown Health, northern Nevada community physicians and community leaders concluded on May 29 with a major announcement. The School of Medicine in partnership with Renown will develop a full four-year campus in Reno, and with the participation of community physicians, will offer full clinical teaching for third- and fourth-year students in all medical specialties. The two organizations will partner to expand pediatric and neurology specialty services available in northern Nevada. To help fund the expansions detailed in a five-year plan, Renown has pledged funding, the School will seek an incremental state appropriation and both groups will seek donor support.

Redfield Foundation gift launches new joint Renown-School of Medicine leadership role.

MountainView Hospital

MountainView Hospital

The University of Nevada School of Medicine announced on June 5 an exciting initiative to further its mission to expand the supply of physicians in Nevada with an agreement with MountainView Hospital. in Las Vegas. The program would expand graduate medical education (GME) slots from the current 233 positions in southern Nevada to 380 or more, including in several medical specialties not currently available in the state. The total increase of 150 positions will be developed over a five-year window, beginning as early as July, 2016. All GME positions are open to applicants from any accredited medical school.