We engage students as lifelong learners in the pursuit of clinical excellence through leadership, communication and teamwork.

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Photo: The Family Medicine Center at the University of Nevada School of Medicine offers quality and convenient primary care services. Our experienced physicians are now accepting new patients.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine offers high quality care in more than 40 specialties, with patient care centers in Las Vegas, Reno and rural Nevada communities.

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Photo: Pediatrician Nevin Wilson performs a routine examine on a child in Las Vegas

We offer advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral research with local, national and global impact.

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Photo: A Nevada School of Medicine researcher in her lab

We are committed to working creatively with Nevada’s diverse communities to increase access to the best in health care and knowledge of effective practices for consumers, medical providers and students of all backgrounds.

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Photo: White coats hanging at the reception for new residents at Renown.

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In addition to the significant contributions made to improving the health and healthcare of all Nevadans, the University of Nevada School of Medicine adds jobs and other tremendous financial benefits that reverberate throughout the state. The School of Medicine employs 1,931 Nevadans who earned $113.9 million in payroll and benefits in 2014. Spending by School of Medicine employees generated an additional 1,028 jobs and $38.1 million in payroll and benefits in Nevada, while School of Medicine expenditures of $65.7 million on educational, research, and clinical operations generated an additional $46.8 million in economic activity in the state. The total economic contribution of the School of Medicine to the Nevada economy was $264.5 million in 2014; every dollar spent by the medical school in 2014 produced an additional $0.47 in economic activity in Nevada that year. (Data as of May 2015).


With Governor Sandoval's signing of the bill authorizing additional biennial funding, the University of Nevada School of Medicine is entering a new era, not merely of growth, but a rebirth. The School of Medicine will become a full four-year medical school in Reno. No longer will medical students be traveling back and fourth between Reno and Las Vegas to complete their academic and clinical medical education. The state has demonstrated it is fully supportive of two complete four-year campuses with the creation of the new medical school in Las Vegas and the renaissance of the School. The state and its System of Higher Education are enabling the School to focus again on our core purposes: to improve the health and well-being of all Nevadans through excellence in medical education, clinical care, research and commitment to compassion and diversity. With this, a renewed commitment to northern and rural Nevada will encompass collaborative partnerships with community-based physicians, hospital partners and the University of Nevada, Reno.

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